The Great Feedback from Happy Dharma Prayer Wheel Practitioners:

"I think you do really great work. Not only are your prayer wheels beautiful, but I think they truly make a difference. Om Mani Padme Hum." Manuela-North Carolina

"Thank you-Unlimited Bliss has arrived and I am sitting next to it as I write. Words can never express my appreciation! ...I'll be wanting 3 more of these larger wheels. (Very rare, indeed) Riley-Chicago, IL

"O My Om Mani Padme Hum...Goodness!!!! I am over the moon!!! Really I think this is your BEST work to date..I LOVE IT!!! I am so PLEASED and HAPPY!!!!!! I will cherish this wheel for a lifetime... thank you so much for such an amazing gift...I am deeply grateful... I haven't stopped spinning my wheel...I just love it...It really does dance...It's doing it now. Jullian-San Francisco, CA

"I already have the six-syllables in a one-row, and LOVE it! I also bought one for my sister, and she never takes it off. You two are re-knowned for the finest wheels in the world. ..Am reading on the Net, about the great peace, wherever you have built your wheels. I cannot imagine any more meritorious activity than flooding the world with billions of sacred mantram, each time a wheel is turned. ..Bless you for your meritorious work!"
I was so happy with the results from your Six-Syllable mantra pendant, that I ordered the Medicine Buddha pendant. Since I work at a hospital, it seems appropriate to spin millions of prayers for healing into the air. Just like the Six-Syllable pendant, people seem attracted to the sweet serene energies of the piece. Both staff and patients instinctively reach out and touch it and ask me about it. (It also helps me deal calmly with "frazzling" situations.)
I had told you that I gave my sister a pendant, which she never takes off.  She told me that her high school students constantly mention it, and touch it. She says that even strangers on the street ask her about it. You folks must be very gifted in your art. I have not had such effective prayer wheels before yours...they pack a lot of power!
Kari S -San Diego, CA

"It's even more beautiful than the pictures!..Thank you again for working with me so I could make this offering to the Sangha. May your dharma activities be constant and free of obscurations! " Sangye P -Sedona, AZ

"I wish to thank you with the utmost gratitude for the wonderful prayer wheel your kindness has provided me with. it arrived in perfect condition...I truly feel fortunate." "I am writing to thank you again for the wonderful Mani Wheel I received from you. It is a copper hand-held, it is truly beautiful, and I feel extremely beneficial. After two months of use it is in great shape, and still spinning well. Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work!" -Jason O -Breckinridge, CO

"Jim... not too long ago you sent me 2 prayer wheels for free, the one with over a million mantras in it and a smaller one, the pendant size. I had Hepetitus C... I don't think there is anything wrong with me anymore thanks to the blessings you gave me by giving me that wheel... I've been using the wheel for hours at a time on some days with the intent for all beings to be purified and myself to be completely purified and all of us to attain Buddhahood.'s basically destroyed the obstacles I've had... and it's made my practice before using the wheel look petty compared to the raw power and benefit this little trinket has had... Now... I can even recite mantras with way more power due to the profound purification the wheel has had on my bodies. Thank you so much... I rejoice in your merit!" Mathew Slater, Baltimore, MD

'I must say that I think this is a fantastic service you are offering. Long may you continue."-Dave B-UK

"Thanks so much for the microfilm scrolls! The Om Mani Padme Hum scroll fits perfectly in my prayer wheel, and the energy that comes off my prayer wheel is amazing, very hard to describe, but powerful!!! The work you are doing truly benefits ALL sentient beings." Ross-Shelton,CT

"The exquisitely beautiful prayer wheel is in a place of honor next to my large Buddha in my living room. I have just completed about an hour of meditation with the guidance in the prayer wheel book. It is impossible to describe my energy shift during and after the meditation. It was incredibly profound and rather had me literally pulsing and feeling the energy rise. That happens very infrequently for me.

  I feel the pure energy emanating from the wheel and know without a doubt that it will help me center within the universal consciousness within and guide me in my healing path. The billions of Om Mani Padme Hums that you have been responsible for in prayer wheels around the world have played there part in creating the shift that helped elect Barack Obama. Continue to shine your light on the world. I can not thank you sufficiently for the door you have helped open to let the light shine through to the world." Diana, East Lansing, MI

"Brother Jim, you have blown my socks off with this wheel. It is so beautiful and powerful, I really do not know what to say. Thokoza brother... The wheel spins so beautifully!!! Obviously when I first got all the packaging and wrapping off I sat back and stared at it for quite some time, marveling at it's precious nature and unique energies. Then I took a deep breath and gave her a good spin. What happened next was quite unusual...Immediately a rush of energy came over me, I actually felt dizzy for a moment...I had the extreme sensation of fading in and out of existence. As I watched the wheel and her sacred dance-my crown chakra absolutely burst open. ..My heart began to race very fast. The thing spins really great...There were thousands of layers of karmic debt and spiritual inadequacies being torn from my spirit. This was BIG medicine and completely Holy, absolutely Sacred. I was being healed and I was safe. I cannot say thank you enough" Jerome-Salt Lake City outskirts,UT

"I truly appreciate your effort and prompt service. Bless you. Om Mani Padme Hum." Jason-Singapore

"I started to recite the Mani mantra and spun my pendant. I immediately felt the benefits. All my anxieties and restlessness went away....A soothing energy that feels like I'm being grounded or a tree growing roots. It feels like...a calm still ocean." Melissa, San Francisco

"I just wished to comment on some experiences with the wheel. Let me begin by saying that I love it so very much. It's the most powerful tool in my care next to my Zulu Inyanga instruments and the sacred crystal skulls.

All of the people that work with me often have used it and the results are basically the same for everyone- extreme feelings of joy and bliss, the powerful release of emotions in a positive and gentle way, the sense of being released from bondage at all levels, the accumulation of years and years of positive spiritual merit, altered states of consciousness and inner revelations, the feeling of being clear and a state of being void of thought and filled with light.

I coach people on its use and how to approach the wheel, as per your instruction. I let them know that it works on their karma from this lifetime as well as past and future lifetimes also. With the wheel in my home I have a natural knowing that all things will be just perfect.

This is without a doubt a most profound instrument and tool, already a great friend with its own guardians and beings who work with it. Even my Native American families love it as they can sense all the relations of the Earth and Sky mandalas... and know that everything in between is being benefited by this potent and magical gift." Jerome, Salt Lake City outskirts, Utah

We have been entrusted by Tibetan Rinpoches as the custodians of the prayer wheel lineage. Therefore, it is our sacred duty to follow the lineage instructions regarding the details of prayer wheels precisely. Each microfilm insert that is wound and placed by hand inside each pendant has been rendered and wound with special care and precision. All of the over 1 million Om Mani Padme Hum mantras on microfilm are clear and face outward to radiate unlimited blessings and positive benefits to the sincere practitioner. In order to get the maximum amount of mantras on the microfilm they have been reduced beyond the normal microfiche reading machine available in most libraries. The best way to see the microfilm frame (if anyone is so inclined) is to look at them under a microscope.(Keep in mind that both microfilm readers and microscopes usually reverse the image).