Various styles and shapes of prayer wheels
This page contains mostly prayer wheels that have been sold.
The exceptions will say - Available with the cost beneath the photo.
The billion mantra prayer wheel referred to as Churn's prayer wheel or Yeshe's wheel- I have 2 more available just like it with different bases.

This solid brass cylinder probably holds over 200 million Om Mani Padme Hum mantras. Check - I may have one like it.
Recently completed brass prayer wheel-November 2010
View of Jullian's prayer wheel. Nov. 2006. This is a good example of a person with an artistic eye choosing from among the wheel styles and voila, here's the custom prayer wheel.

This is an example of the beautiful alabaster prayer wheels that I offer. People like this style because alabaster while a softer stone has such a wonderful vibratory feel to it.
Here's another photo of Yeshe's billion mantra prayer wheel!
This is a large marble prayer wheel. The cylinder alone measures 4 1/2 inches in diameter by 8 inches in height. The internal dimensions are approx 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 7 inches in height. This would take very close to 1 billion Om Mani Padme Hum mantras.

Loan's unique & beautiful prayer wheel. Summer 2012.
6-A.) More alabaster prayer wheels like this one can be created. $300 A number like this have been sold over 5 years ago and still spin like new. Surviving small earthquakes here in California even.
The most popular model. May got two for Mom and Dad. Jan F. from Prague-Czech Republic got one then liked it so much got another. Hawaii Sean got one then liked it so much got another for a loved one.

Peter's new billon mantra prayer wheel-aerial view. It spins really great too.
Prayer wheel donated to Vajrapani Institute. In Memory of Ashley Walker.
Another view of Ashley Walker prayer wheel.

Hawaii Aaron's green marble prayer wheel.
Churn's magnificent billion mantra prayer wheel. In the Collection of Churn from Singapore.
Another photo of what's come to be known as the May Lin prayer wheel. Also pictured above.

Another view of May's prayer wheel.
A combination prayer wheel-stupa-very rare even in Tibet. Sorry-sold 2nd day after being posted.
A couple of brass prayer wheels -spring 2012.

Hawaii Aaron scores another magnificent prayer wheel.
Another look at the "Dancing Prince". Some prayer wheels like to boogie along the path to enlightenement.
Churn's prayer wheel

Diana's spectacular prayer wheel. Contains approx. 800 million mantras.
Loan's billion mantra prayer wheel. Spring 2012.
Diana's beautiful prayer wheel.

Example of copper lotus base with copper cylinder and silver Sanskrit Om Mani Padme Hum letters. Collection of JC, Mexico City.