Some prayer wheels in photos are available.
Over the years I have carved and sold many alabaster and marble prayer wheels.
Alabaster is a bit more delicate than the marble and metal ones . I offer them at a reduced rate.
Of all the alabaster prayer wheels I have made - after years of spinning = they are all still spinning and continue in wonderful condition.

This alabaster prayer wheel was sealed to strengthen it (therefore it cannot be opened.) It contains over 150 million Om Mani Padme Hum mantras on microfilm. Spins great! Sold
Yeshe's billion mantra prayer wheel! 15 inches height-8 inch diameter brass base-5 1/2 inch diameter solid brass cylinder.
Very elegant green marble prayer wheel. In the collection of Aaron K, Hawaii.

Aerial photo of Yeshe's billion mani mantra prayer wheel. Collection of Yeshe G-from Down Under.
Onyx prayer wheel with Vajra Guru mantra- This shows the Om Ah Hum during the later stage of the carving process.
And the Vajra Guru Pema. This was a commission. Now in the collection of Sangye P in Sedona, Arizona.

Copper lotus prayer wheel. In the Collection of J.C. Mexico City.
This beautiful prayer wheel is in the collection of Diana C.
Solid copper prayer wheel on brass lotus base. Beautiful ripple design on top. Holds approx 400 million mani mantras. Copper cylinder measures 4-1/2 inches diameter. Lotus base to tip measures approx 10 inches in height. Sold.

Mary D's prayer wheel-she subsequently commissioned two more similar ones for her 2 sisters.

Mary-here is your prayer wheel for sister number 1! 133 million manis! Dimensions are 2-3/4 inches width by 7 inches tall.

Another stupa/prayer wheel combo commissioned & completed in 2010. These are quite rare.