If you look closely you can see the exquisite calligraphy of Tashi doing Lanza mani mantras.
This shows the Lanza mani script with the big feet as I call them on the bottom right of the letters. Beautifully painted prayer wheel.
Good example of Lanza mani script.

A friend of mine=Micha from Israel makes these prayer wheels.
Variation of mani script-very nice.
The following show nice variations of the Lanza mani script.

Still trying to figure this one out. Do you ride it???
In Bhutan there is slight variations on the Lanza mani mantras.
Example of poor design -sort of claustrophobic and not well thought out.

Here is the Pagoda Prayer wheel that is similar to the Peace Wheel.
This is the concrete base that measures from ground level 22" in diameter then tapers up in height for 24 inches to a top diameter of 18". Below ground level is like an inverted mushroom of concrete and rebar that is 24" deep.
This is the upper truss extension that comes down from the roof for stabilization.

Here you can see the triangular steel plate that is attached to the bottom of the roof extension. A bolt drops down from inside the steel plate thru a hole then through an upper bearing then into a hole inside the top of the prayer wheel to a large washer and nut inside the prayer wheel.
Here's how the roof extension ties into the top of the pagoda roof.

Brass prayer wheel for Major Chai