Made-to-order Microfilm Mantras will easily fit inside your prayer wheel !!!!
Om Mani Padme Hum, the Medicine Buddha, Green Tara mantras and the 7-Line prayer on microfilm
are wound according to lineage instructions* and ready for insertion into your own prayer wheels.
Everything will be taken care of-they will be marked for up and down orientation. To order send measurements of height and inside diameter. Feel free to email me ( questions.
Cost is $20.00 for the first reel. Subsequent reels are $15.00. Standard hand-held prayer wheel is usually
2 inches in diameter x 2 inches in height.
This size holds approximately 2 reels of mantras and cost approx $35 to fill. That's over 100 million Om Mani Padme Hum mantras per spin!
If the central rod inside your prayer wheel is larger than 1/4 inch in diameter please let us know.
Filled prayer wheels available for purchase.
Inquiries welcomed.
{Shipping per standard prayer wheel insert- 2 reels $5.00.} {Total is $40 and one can use credit card by pretending to buy 2 pendants @ $20.00 each-of course email us and tell us your prayer wheel interior dimensions and then we can match your order with your shipping address}.

* According to the lineage texts and traditional commentaries on prayer wheels - mantras are rolled "facing outwards" with the Om (if a mani) connected to a life tree. (Which contains it's own brief set of life tree prayers.)

Larger prayer wheels requiring more than 5 reels receive a larger discount on subsequent reels. Email us for info.

Regarding stupas and statues everything specified above is the same except while mantras inside a prayer wheel face outwards the mantras inside a stupa or statue face inwards. These are the lineage instructions in Tibetan Buddhism regarding Holy Objects.

Light up your sector of the universe with our prayer wheel inserts...
Our desktop prayer wheels are filled with over 100 million mantras and radiate the sublime power of the Buddhas!

This photo resembles a "pancake" of microfilm as the people at the microfilm company call it. A pancake consists of 7-9 library size reels of microfilm.
The script of the mantras or prayers are reduced so tiny you'll need a magnifying glass or in some cases a microscope to read the mantras on the microfilm. Lama Zopa once told me that, "The mantras can be reduced to the size of atoms as long as they are written clearly and face outwards in the prayer wheel. There's a Buddha in every atom"