Humor and Creativity

"Dude, where's my corpse?" California surfers reaching rainbow body (jalus).
Practitioner without prayer wheel...
Meditators with Dharma wheels- experiencing the light-Ahhh....

Future headquarters of Tantricheartwheels.
Preparing a site using Hum Blue Heartlight and intergalactic feng shui.
Infrared photo of radiating Dharma wheel.

Our friends at NASA unloading Dharma wheel satellite.
Transference of consciousness from crown chakra at moment of death (phowa) wearing pendant.
Transference completed...Buddha Mind!!!

We got the Dharma wheels- now take us to your Buddha!
Another excellent site for clockwise rotating Dharma wheel.
Satellite Dharma wheel benefiting all earthbound sentient beings.

At the Dzogchen level all snowflakes are mini-Dharma wheels whirling thru space.
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas give "two thumbs up".
Surf the electromagnetic waves of mantric resonance.

Hey buddy, can ya spare a mantra?
Tantricheartwheel shipping department prepares another order.
Our research and development department.

Buddha balancing non-duality.
The happy yellow dragon-auspicious symbol of creativity. We like to visualize rolling along inside our prayer wheels.