More Unique Dharma Offerings from Tantricheartwheels
Below is an alabaster prayer wheel with a bird's eye view of the inside scroll of microfilm mantras as well as the central life tree. Also pictured near the bottom of the page are metal and marble prayer wheels of various shapes and sizes. Designed and handcarved by Jim McCann. The insides are rolled according to lineage text instructions. They all spin great. While some of these models are one-of-a kind there are others such as the red marble, alabaster and copper models that can be duplicated according to stock.
(For more designs check out the sub-link titled 'Wheel Styles' after clicking on the link 'Prayer Wheels' in the upper left hand corner.)

This natural white alabaster prayer wheel shown with the microfilm insert beside it and the sky wheel.
This is the life tree with Om Ah Hum in gold Tibetan letters. The life tree is for larger prayer wheels that can accomodate it.
This copper prayer wheel has special silver Sanskrit letters of the Om Mani Padme Hum that are traditionally in the lineage of prayer wheel making. (Sorry sold.) Inquiries welcome.

Another photo of the beautiful copper prayer wheel on a brass lotus base created in June 2007
A beautifully-carved green marble prayer wheel that holds over 1 billion Om Mani Padme Hum mantras on microfilm! $900
A mirror prayer wheel made from a zinc alloy on a brass lotus base. Completed September 2005. Sold

Prayer Wheel commissioned in early December 2005 and delivered early January 2006.
This prayer wheel contains over 300 million Mani mantras and is carved from a beautiful green marble from Taiwan. Sorry this one sold too.
Another beautiful marble prayer wheel mounted on a sculpted marble stone. Given away as a gift.

New spectacular prayer wheel for Jullian completed in March 2007.(She owns two now). Scroll two rows down for a look at the other.
Wonderful mirror prayer wheel. Approx. 100 million Manis (Om Mani Padme Hums). Sold-May 2007.
Jullians' copper and brass-ringed prayer wheel. Recently completed in Nov. 2006. Sold (Similar to the one a few rows above-notice different base and it is slightly smaller).

An alabaster prayer wheel painted gold. Spins great . Over 200 million Om Mani Padme Hums. (sold)
Another example of a carved alabaster prayer wheel. I have 3 of this model awaiting finishing.
C'est magnifique!

A special order prayer wheel completed March 2007 for Jullian. It came out spectacular!
New carrera marble prayer wheel. Beautifully handcarved. Fill with your choice of mantras. (Will hold over 1/2 billion mani mantras.) Spins great too. $900
Another new unique prayer wheel. has that exotic mystical quality. Sorry sold right away.

One of a series of prayer wheels created for the enthusiastic May for each member of her family.
Another similar style in the same series as the previous photo.

This was one of the first table-top prayer wheels I ever made-circa-1995. a gift to Vajrapani Institue to honor the memory of Ashley Walker.
Another of the copper on brass lotus style completed December 2007. This model can be duplicated and is the most popular.
A recently completed red marble prayer wheel. Sold March 2008. (There's another just like it on the Home page that's available).

This prayer wheel holds over a billion Om Mani Padme Hum mantras. Peter from Taiwan is the lucky owner.